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Empower employees through your benefits program

Perkspotting is a hyper-personalised reward and benefits platform.


Create a la carte menu of benefits, where employees can pick and choose the perks they care most about.

individual employee experiences
Individual employee experiences

Adjust your employee benefits program so that employees can pick and choose their own perks. Benefits are most powerful when they’re personalised, holistic and adaptive to employees’ unique needs.

Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage

Hyper-personalisation plays a key role in attracting and retaining your top talent. Stay ahead of the game. Your benefits will keep people happy and thriving.

Expose your brand to the new audiences
Expose your brand to the new audiences

Reach new customers through your employees, they are the best brand ambassadors.

Custom audiences
Dedicated support

Work with dedicated CSM to craft an engagement strategy that works for your employees.

Seamless integration

Get up and running in a matter of weeks with customers branding tailored to your organisation.


Monitor discount usage. See how much employees are saving, which perks are most popular, redemption frequency, and more. Employees manage and track their benefits.

Create bespoke employee benefits program