Perkspotting is a benefits platform that takes your company Discount Program to a new level. Employees feel engaged, enthusiastic and motivated.

The right solution for your business

We know that each client has unique requirements and can often face a variety of challenges when building an Employee Discount Program. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to selecting the right rewards and engagement platform. This is why we have developed a new modular system from the ground up, that can be built around each client’s individual business needs and objectives: Employee Rewards or/and Employee Engagement tools.


We understand that your Employee Discount Program should be simple, clear and informative, giving your employees a 360˚ view of their complete package that you provide to them.

Benefits For Employers:

Staff discounts - the way you want it

Set up and manage your Employee Discount Program hassle free. Our system allows you to pick and choose the level of discount and the annual cap you want for your employees to use.

Personalise your brand

Our web platform can be white labelled to match your corporate branding to maintain a seamless user journey for your employees.

Dashboarding and advanced people analytics

Easily measure your employee discount usage and engagement with our comprehensive enterprise level reporting and analytics suite.

Admin with ease

Our platform has been designed for light touch administration with optimum automation to reduce management time by your HR team.

Benefits For Employees:


Perkspotting enables employees to pick and choose the level of discounts they want to use, whether for personal use or for friends and family use.


We provide your employees with full insight into their Employee Discounts scheme. Our dashboard allows employees to track their discount usage during the year.

Hassle - free

Your employees are empowered to understand every element of their Staff Discounts, without any queries with HR.


Raise your visibility and get noticed with the help from your employees. Incentivise them for brand advocacy with your Staff Discounts.

Incentivise brand advocacy with your staff discounts and reach larger audience on social media

Company with 1000 employees

  • Reach: 2 000 000

    With each employee having on average 2,000 connections
    (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)


  • Reach: 500 000

Employees: The New Influencers

Empowering employees to spread your content on their own social channels is a cost-effective and scalable alternative to influencer marketing. By enabling high-reach employees with high-quality content and messaging, you can achieve the expanded reach and consideration you are looking for.

Extend your reach

Use the incredible social influence of your employees by empowering them to share your content across their social networks.

Reward Employees

Use your employee discount to incentivise high performance and say thanks for a job well done.

Measure success

Gain insight into brand amplification and understand which benefits are resonating with your employees and their networks.

Content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

- Social Media Today

Enthusiasm is contagious. Make advocacy a game

Create a hashtag to promote a specific employee advocacy campaign. Check leaderboards to see who’s getting the most impressions or engagement for the hashtag. Reward team members who create hashtagged posts by increasing their employee discount cap or offering deeper discounts on your products.

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